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Let us save you time and money!

More than ever DOT's across the nation are moving aggressively to require the use of Inertial Profilers in lieu of the California Profilograph.  This new device saves time and money by eliminating the need for traffic control, and is safer by minimizing exposure of live traffic to your crews.  The result is a much faster turnaround that will expedite your paving operations.  Our Inertial Profilers operate at highway speeds anytime of the day.

Inertial Profiler California, Ames 8200


We at Pavement Management Solutions Inc. operate Ames Engineering Inertial Profilers. The Ames 8200 & 8300 are dual-track profilers with Gocator line lasers.

Texas A&M Transportation Institute Instructor has stated that  "The Ames profiler is the Ferrari of profilers".



Inertial Profiling California
Inertial Profiling California
Inertial Profiling Arizona Runway
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We employ highly skilled, technical operations managers.  Our Managers are certified in DOT's across the United States. Our staff is well versed with a solid understanding of Caltrans smoothness specifications, AASHTO R56, AASHTO R57, AASHTO M328, and the Federal Highway Administration ProVal software.  ProVal is a program specified by Caltrans and other state agencies for analyzing and reporting pavement profile data reports.


Inertial Profiling, Utah



Our staff will be happy to supply you with a quote and answer any questions you may have regarding the inertial profiler specifications.


Please contact our estimating department at the following.

Tel: 951-600-1110

Fax: 951-600-1112






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