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Nationwide Testing


  • Inertial Profiling Services:  Testing with our High speed profilers, Lightweight Profilers that provides IRI, and MRI Results.

  • QC/QA Testing:  Profile after each shift of paving to ensure correct paving operations, as well as testing for post pave final.

  • Profilograph Testing:  Testing performed with our inertial profilers that produce accurate PRI results.

  • Pre-Bidding Profile Analysis:  This optimizes bidding pricing and bonuses.

  • Grinding Strategies:  This is for optimal smoothness outcomes and bonuses.

  • Diamond Grinding & Milling:  Services offered in select regions.  Contact us for pricing & availability.

  • DRB Expertise:  This is for when issues arise with any paving smoothness concerns.

  • Referee Testing:  This occurs when a discrepancy happens between the owner's results and your results and/or your sub's results.

  • Consulting & Training:  We have consulted and trained many contractors and DOT staff on a wide scope of projects, and specifications.  Contact us for availability and pricing.

  • 3D Transverse Profiling: This service is the latest innovation to complete your asset management data collection. The system uses a single laser and high speed camera to capture 3D transverse profile data at highway speeds. This process is the most cost effective solution for pavement condition index/data collection. Collection consists of the best surface Image, Rutting, Cross-Slope, Lane Markings, Crack Detection, Edge Drop Off, Sealed & Unsealed Crack Detection and Estimated Macrotexture.






Inertial Profiling California
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