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Pavement Management Solutions, Inc. is a DBE contractor.  PMS INC. specializes in High Speed Inertial Profiling.  We guarantee our clients with our best in class inertial profiling services. We pride ourselves on our Integrity, Reliability, Accuracy and Customer Service.  Here at PMS INC. our vehicles and profilers are calibrated daily to ensure accuracy.  We provide Inertial Profiling services Nationwide.  Our Inertial profiling staff is well versed in all DOT, FHWA, and FAA Specifications.

We provide DOT, FHWA, Contractor Consulting, Training, DRB expertise, Pre-bidding Inertial Profiling Analysis, QC/QA Smoothness testing,  Referee testing, facilitate Diamond Grinding and Milling operations to put our clients minds at ease.  We are your one stop shop when it comes to pavement smoothness.

Pavement smoothness bonuses are optimized when using our services.

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